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I'm Having a Problem With Firmware Update

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I have a home built computer with an X25-M 160 gb.Intel SSD. Everything has been doing fine. When I tried to update the firmware it said that the SSD was not connected or disabled. What could be the problem?

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Please note that the problem seems to be the SATA controller that is not able to properly recognize the Solid State Drive, for this issue I suggest you the following recommendations:

- Try to update the BIOS of your motherboard

- Use the latest SATA drivers

- Make sure that you select the AHCI option in the BIOS under SATA / drive configuration

- Change the port (use port 0 or 1)

- Test the Solid State Drive in a different system to see if another system recognize properly your Solid State Drive

I suggest you to try this other option if after the recommended steps the issue persists (this is a non supported way to update the firmware of the Solid State Drives but you might give that a try):

- /message/71345# 71345 How To Update Firmware From USB flash drive

/message/71345# 71345 71345

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Your problem is that you have connected your Intel SSD drive to the SATA MARVEL connector on your motherboard.


Check the manual of the motherboard and change to another location.

Else remove all other hard drives and only keep DVD-drive and the SSD-drive and move around the SSD drive until the firmware update tool finds it.

I know this is the solution to your problem, good luck my friend.

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