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Install new SSD: put all apps onto SSD or other HDs



I am planning to install my new Intel 520 series 240 gb SSD this weekend and I have a few questions that I do not see answered in the FAQs or other places.

Should I do the following things to the existing HDD(Seagate 7200 1 TB HDD):

defragment it, anything else?

Should I load my programs (applications) onto the SSD or should I load my applications, which include things like full Photoshop CS5, Office 2013, etc., onto the other Seagate mechanical HDD?

I have installed last weekend a new motherboard(Intel DAZZRE-75K with 8 gb of ram and a Intel i7 3770 CPU and new Seasonic 860 watt power supply, and unfortunately I had to re-install my Windows 7, not sure why I had problems, but after 5 hours, I decided to simply re-install Windows 7 from scratch and thus all my programs will have to be re-installed (which I have not done yet).

So I have the golden opportunity to install the programs onto the new SSD, or onto the HDD.

I would just like to gain an understanding of whether it is better to have the programs on the SSD; I think I understand that the operating system, in my case Windows 7, should go onto the SSD, which I have done and pretty much have nothing else at this point except do have Kaspersky virus software also on the Seagate mechanical HDD.

Any advice is appreciated, I have downloaded many of the Intel help documents but these do not seem to address other apps and where to put them for most efficient and proper use of the SSD features.

Thanks, Debra

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