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Installed a M.2 SSD initially which works fine. Now I also installed a SATA SSD but this one doesn´t show.

Could anybody tell me what do do?

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Hello af.pejo,

Have you tried connecting the new SATA drive to a different port of the motherboard?

You might want to contact the Motherboard Manufacturer Support to obtain specifications and documentation about the features of your system. Here are a few possible reasons why the SSD may not be detected:

- Some motherboards have 2 storage controllers, the main one is normally the chipset's storage controller, and the secondary would be an additional adapter on-board. The SATA port number you use will determine which adapter handles your SATA drive. If you have one of these systems, check the documentation to determine which is the best port to use, and how to interact with the different storage controllers of the motherboard.

- When some motherboards have an M.2 SATA slot in use, they might deactivate one of the standard SATA ports. If this is the case, it will be noted in the documentation and you should be able to use a different SATA port for the new SSD.

- If none of the above options help, you could try using a different SATA cable. Also, you might want to try connecting your new SSD to a different computer.