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Installing X25-M (34nm) - 80gig on Win7 64bit on n650

Hi All,

New to SSDs here and I don't want to mess up the installation, i've read a lot of the posts here and I'm not sure what applies to my installation and what not but basically I just want to make sure I install this correctly so that TRIM is enabled.

I'm going to be installing Win 7 64bit onto the SSD with IDE drives connected to run whatever else I need and i've read that there are issues with getting Trim to work with the Nvidia chipset?

Can anyone be nice enough to let me know how i should proceed to install the OS and the steps i'll need to take?

I've made sure the latest firmware is on the SSD already that I've flashed using a different computer on an intel chipset.

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Hello, I would like to let you know that the installation process is very regular you are not supposed to do anything special, only if the installation disk cannot detect the Solid State Drive I will suggest initializing the Solid State Drive in a working computer or use a different installation disk.