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Intel 330 series 60GB + ASUS P8H61-M = Freeze


This combination makes me problems. Installing Windows 7 At 50% of PC after installation will hang. HDD LED is lit. PC is not tough. The keyboard responds NumLock and CapsLock only. Otherwise, the PC can not handle. After reset, the PC works, but sometimes it freezes again. It's very random. I do not know whether to blame the SSD controller, the MB chipset or chipset driver. The MB is only four SATA2 ports. On AHCI. OS is recorded using an unattended installation from a network server CIFS with all recommended updates from Microsoft and Intel drivers. With conventional drives from WD, the problem has never occurred. I tried for 5 pcs computers use the original SATA cables that were attached to the 330th Intel SSD Without success. The problem persists. Exhibit symptoms similar reports with the same PC chipset on Gigabyte MB and the MB chipset NM10 Intel. Installation of the MB, which are integrated SATA3 ports, Intel SSD 330 works absolutely flawless (P67A Gigabyte, X79, x77, etc.). Behaves almost identically with SSD OCZ Agility 3, the same controller LSI SF-2281st Where is the problem? LSI declared backward compatibility to SATA 3Gb and even SATA 1.5 Gb. Classic drives have lower bandwidth, and so by this time actually worked SATA ports only a fraction of output. Did not show now, with ultra-fast connection SATA3 SSD, a new bug in chipsets for SB? Does anyone have similar experience and solutions to the tip?

Thank you

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