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Intel 510 Installation Questions

Hey guys! My first post to the intel forums, but I frequent many other tech forums. Just finished doing a swap on my OS drives (formerly 2xRaptor RAID 0) to an Intel 510 120GB. I love it! The data migration was (almost) straightforward (I had a pagefile partition on my Boot Drive, which I had to clear out first, and then use manual mode in the Migration Tool to resize the partitions away from it - Plus I partitioned out a 5GB blank partition so i don't completely fill the thing up ever). I've gone through and made sure to do the optimization tweaks (ensure ssd is not on defrag schedule, disable prefecth & superfetch). It runs pretty good atm.

Running on a 790i FTW Mobo. I've got the SSD plugged into one of the nvidia controller SATA plugs (black), NOT the red Jmicron ones.

I'm also running a 4-disc RAID 5 array of standard 7200rpm disk drives for storage, on the nvidia controllers.

However, I have two things going on with the SSD right now that I'd like to get straightened out:

1) Intel SSD Toolbox - it won't let me actually use any of the tools on the drive. I click on the applicable drive, and it just refreshes the list, and the buttons all stay greyed out. After some googling, apparently it's an incompatibility with the native nvidia storage drivers? I attempted to rollback the driver that the SSD was using to the Standard Dual Channel IDE one, but that driver was not listed in the options to select from, nor could I grab it from any windows drivers directories.

Can anyone help me be able to use the SSD Toolbox?

2) I run AS-SSD, and it notes that my partition is not properly aligned - it lists "31K - BAD." From my research on SSDs, properly aligning the partition is extremely helpful to the longevity of the drive, as well as boost performance a little bit. It was my understanding that the Intel Data Migration tool would properly align the partition (I cloned my old RAID 0 array on the SSD).

Can anyone help me get this partition aligned so that it is correct, without having to uninstall/reinstall windows or my clone?

Thanks in advance,


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