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Intel 520 240GB SSD in Lenovo T420 Problems

The 320GB HD I'm replacing is 7.5mm but it's got snap on rubber "rails" on each side that increase the thickness to 9.5 mm and fill in about 1/4" of space on each side of the drive to fill the bay and make a snug fit.

Intel 520 is 9.5mm thick (has plastic spacer screwed onto it).

I slide the Intel 520 into the bay. It goes in but there's 1/4" gap on each side. It needs to rubber side rails to make it fit.

I remove the rubber side rails from the 320HD I am replacing and try and put them on the Intel 520. They won't fit because of the plastic spacer on the Intel 520. No problem. I remove the plastic spacer on the Intel 520 by removing the 4 screws holding the spacer on. I then realize that these same 4 screws also hold the lid on the Intel 520 and I screw the 4 screws back on only to find out that the holes are not deep enough for the screws to go back in! I look in the box. No extra "short" screws to use when converting the drive to a 7.5mm by removing the spacer.

Then I notice writing on the top of the Intel 520 "removing the screws voids the warranty".

The Intel 520 won't work in a Lenovo T420, one of the more common business laptops.

What would including the shorter screws have cost? 5 cents?


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Hello Omegaman,

I am really sorry for this inconvenience.

Intel® usually offers two SKU's per model for this specific purpose; however, for the Intel® SSD 520 Series we only have one SKU and is not meant to be disassembled.

I am afraid your statement is correct; the warranty is voided once the screws are removed.