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Intel 520 SSD (180GB) - Blue screen when waking from sleep state if ATA password set in BIOS.

I've just installed a new Intel 520 SSD (180GB) into a HP 6730b notebook running Windows 7 Professional SP1 (32 bit).

The system works fine when there is no ATA password set in the BIOS. However I wish to take advantage of the encryption feature, so have set a ATA master and user password (in the BIOS). Problem is that setting the ATA password causes the system to blue screen (STOP 0xF4) when waking from a sleep state.


I've tried IRST and the LPM registry patch found in another thread, but that didn't help. Any other ideas?

Updated 2012/10/08: Just tried Windows 8 Release Preview (32 bit) with latest IRST drivers. Problem persists (does not properly resume from sleep if ATA password set).

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So I had a similar issue at one point. I would try to run your hard drive in RAID mode or ACHI. I experimented with the different options and found that one of them caused blue screens on resume from sleep whereas the other one just cause long pauses with black screens, but would usually respond. Also try disabling PCI express Link State Power Management