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Intel 530 Series problems on HP pavillion x360


First off, the x360 is my daughters. I have bought an 8gb ram unit and a intel 530 SSD in a attempt to speed up the computer.

The RAM is not the problem, however I´ve cloned the drive in the friggin thing (Toshiba 500GB hybrid thing to a Intel SSD 530 Series) and everything seems to work fine. The computer is fast and as it should be untill it just freezes and makes the smiley thing where it reboots. upon reboot it says that there is no disc attatched with a operation system on it.

When I then hard reset it, it restarts and everything is a s normal, Windows works and the thing is really fast!... untill it dies again and the whole thing starts all over.

Are there any known incompatabilities between the chipset and the ssd disc? I haven´t found any... does anyone have an idea? There is the possibility that the migration of windows went wrong, but I don´t think so. the disc might even be faulty. operation system is Win 8.1 64b

Please help! ;-)

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Try installing the Microsoft*' SATA controller driver (via Windows* Updates) after uninstalling the driver provided by the (chipset or computer) manufacturer; or vice versa. You may also consider updating the Intel® SSD Firmware and system BIOS.