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Intel 750 480g with Asus Z97 Deluxe Motherboard Has Few Question


Sorry, it's my fault. It is updated to English version.

My Question:

Intel 750 480g in my motherboard installed in my computer was normal,

but boot the computer will not detect SSD when I shut down properly or a sudden power failure with my computer, unless I power off the computer, wait for about half a minute, then boot the computer, this time it wil be normal.

Please help solve the problem.

btw. Z97 is the 2602 version of bios.



Z97的bios 是2602版本。

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Hello Cui,

We would like to inform that this forum is supported in English, there is a Support Community in Chinese. If you prefer, you can post your question here: /community/chinesesupport/places 中文支持社区

If you prefer, post your question in English so we can assist you.

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Hello Cui,

We have had similar reports, where the Intel® SSD 750 Series is not detected properly after restarting the system. It seems that some motherboards have specific requiremes to work properly with the NVMe* drives, the reason for this behavior may vary so we strongly advise you to check with the Computer Manufacturer Support for recommendations about this matter.

Here are some recommendations we can provided based on the experience from other users:

- Check the following document to review example configurations, try applying one similar to the one of your motherboard: Intel® High Performance Solid-State Drives — Booting an NVMe* PCI Express* Solid State Drive

- Contact the motherboard manufacturer and obtain the most recent BIOS for your PC.

- If you use Windows®, use Intel® SSD toolbox, version 3.3.2 and update the SSD to the most recent firmware.

- Try connecting the SSD to a PCIe* 3.0 x4 slot if available.