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Intel 750 SSD doesn't work with other PCIe device / not found after reboot

I have been struggling to get my new system to work with my new Intel 750 series PCIE 400GB SSD

I have tried the SSD on both Asus Maximus VIII Hero and MSI Z170A Gaming Pro yet the SSD exhibits the exact same symptoms on both boards:

1. The SSD will work perfectly if it is the only PCIE device plugged onto the motherboard. I have installed Windows 10 on it and it works perfectly.

2. If both the SSD and the graphics card (GTX780) are plugged in, the SSD will only be recognized in BIOS for the first boot.

The SSD will not be found after all subsequent boots unless I re-plugin the card, the LED light on the SSD does not light up at all suggesting there is no power at all.

3. If I add a third PCIE card Xonar Essence STX II, the SSD does not work at all no matter what, no LED light when system is on. There were random times where the SSD worked, but then Xonar Card stopped working.

Troubleshooting steps I have taken:

1. Tried a combination of different PCIE slots x16,x8,x4 for the graphics card and SSD

2. Updated BIOS to latest version on both motherboards

3. Tried different settings in BIOS

4. Updated the SSD firmware to latest also tested its integrity using SSD toolbox

5. Read all the Intel PDF manual though nothing really helped

6. Unplugged all USB devices

It is impossible that both motherboards are broken as they are both brand new, so Im guessing the problem could be:

- Broken Graphics Card? (But it works perfectly)

- Broken Intel 750? (But it works if there is no pcie video card)

- Something to do with PCIE lane limitations in z170?? (But no one else has this issue)

- Not enough PSU Power? (620W Antec PSU should be plenty)

I have also found the following threads where other users experience SSD not being detected after reboot. 1043693 Motherboard detects Intel 750 PCIe SSD only when I replug the card. Cold boot issue - Super User

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I have also tried on Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 board with a new graphics card GTX 970.

Same problem, the SSD can only be found once after cold boot.

I am going to exchange for another new Intel 750 and see what happens since I have ruled out all other possibilities.

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Hello aznxfrost,

As was mentioned in the some of the threads you referenced, we would advise to review the advisory Booting with NVMe* PCI Express*, look for the closest match for your motherboards and apply the configuration.

Make sure you Download Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for NVMe Drivers, version

Verify that the PCIe slot you use for the Intel® SSD 750 is operating at PCIe Gen 3.0 x4, you may need to check with the Computer Manufacturer which is their recommended slot; since some slots may be disabled or operate at a different speed depending on the CPU model and the devices you have in the system.

t is worth to mention that some motherboards have specific PCIe slots to be used with NVMe drives.

You may need to go to the PC BIOS and set the PCIe slot to x4.

Also you might want to disable any fast boot techonologies in the BIOS.


Hey aznxfrost, did you end up finding a solution to your problem?

I'm having a simmilar problem where the mb detects the card only sporadically