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Intel 750 bootable secure erase utility/software?

Guys, are you going to release a bootable software/utility for secure erasing our ssds (intel 750)?


I don't have a spare hdd / ssd, or a second system to swap, S.E. and then put it back o main system. I wouldn't do it even I had a second system...


Thanks in advance!
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Hello chr1407,

At this time, Intel does not provide a bootable tool that would allow formatting or doing a secure erase to the Intel® SSD 750 Series.

As you mentioned, the most common and recommended way to run the secure erase is booting from a different hard drive, with the 750 as secondary drive, however, that requires an additional boot drive, or a different computer. We will definitely consider your feedback about this, however, we cannot confirm if a different tool will provided in the future.

In our best effort, here is some additional information for your consideration:

- Use a bootable USB or Optical media to initialize the PC. We would advise to research about available options and choose one that fulfills your requirement.

Linux kernel 3.3 had a stable NVMe driver version included and various distributions have back ported the driver to previous kernel versions (eg:Linux kernel 3.10 and higher). It may also be possible to create bootable media with Windows* installations.


- Once the PC has booted to the OS, you can use Intel® SSD Data Center Tool to run the "Nvmeformat" function, or in Windows* you can use Intel® SSD Toolbox to run the secure erase.

Hey Jonathan!


Thnaks for your reply and your recommendations.


I hope you guys reconsider and make something about it, cause its unbelievable that you (INTEL) don't have easy solutions ready for us, especially when we have paid a huge amount of money for your high end stuff (intel 750) and even lower end companies provide such stuff from day one!


*Btw still waiting for a bug fix/firmware update about the hdd led activity on 750 pciex version... Hope you reconsider that too, cause its been a while now, and no one isn't even answering our post!


Thanks again,





You can try to do it from the WinPE installation environment from a Windows installation disc.

Install either the 32bit or 64bit version of the Intel SSD Data Center Tool that Jonathan linked earlier.

Now copy the folder C:\isdct to a removable media like a USB stick or integrate it with your Windows installation media.

Next boot your computer from the installation media and continue up to where you can choose a driver.

At this stage you must load the Intel NVMe driver for your OS, when this is done don't press continue.

Instead press Shift+F10 which will bring up a command prompt, switch to the folder where you have copied isdct.

If you are not sure which driveletter it is on you can check by starting: diskpart(enter) then type list volume(enter)

Now you should see what driveletter corresponds to the media where you have put isdct.

Exit(enter) out of diskpart and press D:(enter) or which driveletter you saw corresponds previously.

Then type cd isdct(enter) and finally you should be able to launch isdct.exe.

Note that you can't use the 32bit version of isdct in a 64bit installation media because the installation media lacks WoW64


Thanx bro for your time and effort helping me out on this one!


But I hope these guys understand the need of such utility! We shouldn't be forced to do such stuff...
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Hello chr1407,

We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to customers and we are continuously looking for ways to improve our products.

We appreaciate your feedback and we have forwarded your comments to the proper resources.