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Intel Data Migration Software does not see any disks

We have some ASUS V6-P8H61E systems in the field. They must get other SSD's. There is a SATA connected SSD in the system and one is connected with USB. We start the system with an auto start CD for copiing the SSD's. Both are Intel SSD's.

The coping program does not 'see' any SSD's.

This normally works on other systems, so it must be a problem with the ASUS.

Why are there no disks detected?

What could be wrong?

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Community Manager

What copying program?

Is the SATA disk controller in IDE/Compatibility Mode or is it in AHCI/RAID mode?

Most disk copying software do not have the drivers for AHCI/RAID so it cannot access the controller. Try setting the SATA mode to IDE/Compatibility.

Community Manager

I use the 'Intel Data Migration Software' from the Intel site. You can make an Auto start CD to start the computer.

You put in the CD in the CD player press F8 to select the start device. Start form the CD player. After this the copying program starts.

After this you select the source and destination disc or SSD.

Then the copiing starts.

You put in the new SSD in the computer and reboot. ...Ready

If I do this on the ASUS it does not find any SSD or disk.

We do not use RAID. I do not know what AHCI means. In the computer are normal discs or SSD's.