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Intel Data Migration Utility does not detect the 160GB 320 series drive.

Edited out my problem. No one cares.

I think I made a mistake choosing this drive...

Obviously no one at Intel cares enough to even reply to this post.

For all those having the same issue with Intel and its crappy migration software, go here:

Works like a charm and covers all the bases related to SSD migration and Windows 7. Or you can grow old waiting for help on these forums.

* Updated for Second issue with drive detection:

After having a similar issue with another drive I decided to install Windows7 fresh this go round. Strangely, the Windows installer did not see this drive. So after 2 minutes on the web, maybe less, I found this :

-- Credit to Technocrate @ (Lost the bookmark somehow)

**** All Data on the Drive will be lost if you perform the following ****

- Boot up Windows 7 Install Disc

- At Windows 7 Welcome Screen on Windows Setup - SHIFT + F10 to get a command prompt



- SDD should be listed here with a Number next to it - if so Type: SELECT DISK X ( X is the number listed in next to the SDD in LIST DISK command) press enter

- Type: CLEAN and press enter - ****** Writes a blank MBR ******* <--- ALL DATA ON DRIVE IS LOST AS A RESULT!!!!!!!!

This will work to get the Windows7 installer to see the drive and may help clear up the issues some people are having with the IDMU detecting the drive- or not - I'm not entirely certain. If the drives were cheaper and didnt have all the fuss about WEAR and TEAR on them, I would re-test the imaging process on a number of different imaging products, Intels DMU included. At the current price per GB I just do not want to take any chances.


Message was edited by: machistmo - removed original issue detailed description as I determined that a: nobody cares and b: it wouldnt help anyone else.

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