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Intel P4511 M.2 - airflow requirements?



Hopefully this is an appropriate place to post - I suspect it would need to be an Intel rep who responds.

I have an M.2 form factor 1TB P4511 SSD (SSDPELKX010T801).

Does this SSD have a minimum airflow requirement? It will be mounted in a desktop case, so I'd like to ensure adequate cooling.

I see that the controller chip already has a tiny heatspreader, and the whole device itself has a power consumption of 7.6 watts when active, but I don't know how much of that heat the controller chip itself will need to dissipate.


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Based on the operating temperature range of your Intel® SSD DC P4511 Series is from 0°C to 55°C.



The airflow in a chassis can vary depending on the design, the number of fans, etc. this being said we do advise you to focus on the temperature of your device once installed inside of the chassis since is not common for this kind of drives to need extra airflow.



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hi, Josh B.

We want to do thermal simulation on our new server product with P4511 M.2.

Could provide Thermal Model of P4511 M.2? 

Thermal model file name should be "xxx.pdml"



jiangxin xu