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Intel Rapid Storage Setup

In advance, thank you for any support.

I have a problem with the configuration of a second hard disk, I am used to a slave and master configuration so this was all new to me.

My computer is a Lenovo W701 purchased with a Segate Momentus ST9320123AS installed.

Windows 7 Professional is the operating system.

I purchased a Segate Momentus ST905003N3A1AS-RK to be used as increased storage capacity.

Installation mechanically was a snap.

Intel Rapid Storage took over the rest of the configuration, I followed the prompts after reading the information, and decided that what I wanted is a RAID 0 configuration - I think.

What I want is to be able to store data in the 500GB disk and operate from the 320GB disk.

After final installation and 4 plus hours of migration I expected to see a report of the total capacity of both disks, however there was no change.

The reports from Intel Rapid Storage is different that Windows 7. It sort of reports that everything is normal.

I don't know how to interpret the conflicting report.

Both disks appear to be configured as one disk with a capacity of 610 GB.

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Community Manager

What I want is to be able to store data in the 500GB disk and operate from the 320GB disk.

Sorry but you have messed up here you should not have even gone never RAID the fact that Rapid Storage prompts you is that you where ask if thats what you want not that you had too you should of cancelled and formatted the drive as normal. Now you are stuck with RAID 0 unless you delete the array and reinstall your OS.

So now thats out the way here is what you have done and what is RAID 0....ok let say you make a txt file with "THE END" in it what RAID 0 does it puts "THE" on one drive and "END" on the other ...that is now done to your whole OS and files! If one drive dies all your data is lost.

And now thats out the way too why 610 GB (really 640 GB and not really 640GB due to 1024KB being 1000KB on disk...never mind...) this is to do with what I said above and your ST9320123AS … because you had 320GB the max array in a two disk RAID 0 setup can only double the size of the disk you had.