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Intel SSD 330 and Windows 10 ...and Intel Data Migration

The 330 is said to be Win 10 compatible, but the migration tool, Intel data migration software (which appears to be Powered by Acronis) does not say it supports Windows 10.

The support video doesn't mention that migration is Windows Version dependent. I'm sure you'll surly have more Windows 10 migration issues as Windows 10 is rapidly becoming dominant.

So long story but I tried it anyway, oops, it didn't work, but it looks like it got the prep work done and went for the reboot and didn't get control back.

Is it possible to now reboot to DOS and kick off a "bat" file to continue the process or manually go through some steps to get it done?

It looks like the destination SSD was repartitioned to one big space, ...and the larger, but mostly unused source hard disk had the partitions properly sized for the cloning to the smaller drive.

The computer is still working.

Rather seems like much of the hard work was done if I could just kick it in the right direction.

Thanks ahead of time.

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Are trying to clone an HDD to an SSD or the other way around?

What is the version of the Intel® Data Migration Software you are using ?

Does did it give you any error message during the cloning process?

What exactly do you when you say bat files?


I was attempting to Clone from a larger 1T HDD to a 240G Intel SSD 330. While the Hard drive was much larger it doesn't have that much data on it,... the data fits on the 240 GB Drive.

I down loaded it yesterday, so it should be whatever is production 10/7/15. off , Support for the Intel® SSD 330 Series

Sorry I removed The Intel Data Migration program from my system and successfully used another program for the cloning today, just finished.

There wasn't an error message, during the process it reboots and it just came back to my normal boot. I had turned off Norton if that is a clue.

Long long ago I used a cloning program that generated a Batch script that executed after a safe boot, so forgive my lack of current terminology. I was hoping there was something I could do to restart the process from where it was somehow.

Thanks for the help but I successfully used Macrium Reflect free to finish the job.

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We are glad to know you were able to clone successfully.