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Intel SSD 520 240GB Will no longer resume from sleep mode. BSOD


I have had an intel 520 series for about 2-3 months now and its worked like a dream. Now however my laptop always go to bsod or reboot when I resume from sleep. Hibernate seems to work fine still but it is annoying because then I need to type in my hard drive password for the disk everytime I want to resume.

I have been troubelshooting to see if it could be something else by restoring the notebook to its original state with the old drive. Sleep works then.

I then redid the SSD migration with intels software and when i put in the SSD in the computer sleep no longer works.

I also did a clean install of windows onto the SSD but sleep did not work then either.

So it seems something is up with the Disk. I've googled for a while and it seems SSD:s have had problems with resume but not really Intel because of their higher quality. Anyone got any idéas what might be the prob? Faulty drive? Should I RMA the drive?

Edit: I forgot some additional info that can be useful.

Notebook is Asus UL80VT

OS is Windows 7 64 Bit

Also the bluescreen comes in variations but the most common is kernel_data_input_error which seems to have something to to with loading data into the RAM. The RAM has been tested with windows RAM test utility and it works with the old HDD so it might be the SSD that just dont power up after sleep mode?

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I am getting a similar problem sometimes -- difficlty resuming from sleep, but it's intermittent.

My symptoms are different.


Asus P8Z77V-Pro, default settings, no overclock.

- Windows 8 Professional (retail).

.......same thing happened with Preview, so I never reported, but the same thing is still happening with retail. With official OS and official non-beta drivers, I am now officially reporting to Intel.

- Latest BIOS (as of two weeks ago)

- Radeon HD6870 (running official WQHL driver from Windows Update)

- Two Intel 520 SSD 240GB in a RAID 0 configuration (via motherboard), on the Intel SATA 6Gbps ports

- This is one volume (C:) and Windows 8 is installed on this.

- Intel 520's are running 400i firmware.


- It does not always happen.

- It mainly happens after an overnight 'sleep' and I try to resume. But not always.

- When I try to resume, I get the Windows 8 desktop back, but when I try to do something that accesses the disk, such as load an application, the computer freezes. Hard disk light is usually off (no flickering), but non-stop on (no flickering) has sometimes happened.

- I often wait at least 5 minutes, and once 30 minutes. No change.

- Ctrl+Alt+Delete has no response

- I then give up and then restart with the power button

- As mentioned, I'm using two Intel SSD's in RAID 0 operation. Sometimes I get a RAID 0 error notification on ONE of the two drives. (not always). I mark as normal in Intel Rapid Storage, then I verify integrity (chkdsk). Typically there is no errors (probably because all the data's been automatically flushed before Sleep), so all I have to do is mark it back as normal.

- Event Viewer doesn't seem to be showing anything consistent, but the last one is: "svchost (1376) SRUJet: The database page read from the file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\SRU\SRUDB.dat" at offset 425984 (0x0000000000068000) (database page 103 (0x67)) for 4096 (0x00001000) bytes failed verification due to a lost flush detection timestamp mismatch. The read operation will fail with error -1119 (0xfffffba1). If this condition persists, restore the database from a previous backup. This problem is likely due to faulty hardware. Please contact your hardware vendor for further assistance diagnosing the problem."

But I can't tell if this is a symptom of the SSD, or a symptom of my power-button reset. (If this is an Intel utility or driver). This error is showing up once a minute now.

Please help me, how do I fix this? I suspect the disk system architecture (SSD? disk drivers? etc) because it only freezes when I try to access the disk after a long sleep.


Mark Rejhon

Community Manager

" suspect the disk system architecture (SSD? disk drivers? etc) because it only freezes when I try to access the disk after a long sleep. "

Excactly it might be that the SSD just doesnt power on after sleep. Therefore the lockups. But the question is, is there a solution for this?

Community Manager

don't know if you are still following this but, I posted a possible solution here:

I had a very similar problem and this sorted it, although a proper 'fix' is still required.


The issue is not related to Intel 520 drive itself. The problems were observed mainly on Lenovo, HP and Dell laptops, and it has been CONFIRMED that after updating IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers drivers, the problem is gone. I have just fixed this issue myself by updating my Dell 17R SE laptop's SATA driver.

This is why Intel is not doing anything to fix their issue with the drive, because there is no issue with it.


Hello goro,

Thanks for sharing this information. We are sure it will be very helpful for other users with this same issue.

Kevin M