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Intel SSD 520 Not find



Have a user who have a Intel SSD 520 180Gb, User have run Bitlock and when i should change harddrive i checked with a extern dock i can reach the file Work.


Install the new hdd and should add back files from Intel disk then its dead dead dead, try to put it in to computer again but nothing happen. try to find it in diskmanager, try intel SSD toolbox but nothing, no live at all from hard drive. What to do next? i don´t care about hdd but info at it are importen.
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Hello Oscarios,

Bitlocker is a feature available in some versions of Microsoft Windows*, it is used to encrypt the filesystem of storage devices, and can only be decrypted using a password, smart card or stored key; depending on the configuration you used to encrypt the drive. The drive needs to be detected in order to decrypt the data.

Here are some actions you may try in case the SSD is not detected:

- Connect the drive to a different SATA port.


- Use another SATA cable.


- Check if the SSD is detected in the BIOS.

* You might try connecting the drive to a different PC, however, even if the drive is detected the data may not be available if it was encrypted.

If you wish to obtain warranty support for your Intel® SSD 520 Series, please go to: Contact Support. Here you will find the contact methods to engage support in your region.