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Intel SSD 530 failed

Has this drive failed after only 15 months use. PC working fine one day the next it won't get past the first screen on boot up. Unplug the hard drive and it try's to boot but can't find the drive

AsuS saver tooth x79 board

Intel ssd 530 240gb

To say I an frustrated is an understatement having spent all day testing everything Else I just can't believe that this expensive drive has failed totally there must be a fix

Not tried to use the tool on the drive as only just found out we should be using the tool every week. PC won't boot so can't use the tool until get another pc to put this drive in. I don't even know if the ssd drive has power

Please help

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Hello addy1321,

We are sorry to know that your SSD has failed.

For this type of issue it is advised to Contact Intel Support, a support agent in your region will help you troubleshoot, and if needed, provide warranty support.

For further replies, please use the original thread created for this issue:


Hey Jonathan

I purchased a used PC

Put the Intel drive into the PC

Booted Windows from the Used PC Hard drive

Ran the tool it said furmware upto date

Ran the tool that said to run every week

Took intel drive out of used PC

Put back into the broken PC


My guess - the drive was asleep - or needed the tool to be run as part of normal use.

I should have read the user manual

is this thread useful

if not we should change the subject/title as its not true

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Hello addy1321,

We are glad that your SSD is working correctly now.

The tool that you mention may be the SSD optimizer function of Intel® SSD Toolbox. If this is what you are referring to, please keep in mind that in current operating systems (like Windows 7* or later) the OS runs TRIM in the background to the optimize function, in these systems, running the optimizer may not be required.

If the SSD is not optimized, or if TRIM is not running, it would cause slow performance, but the drive should still be detected. So the issue experienced may be related to something else.

We would advise you to update the BIOS of your PC, as well as the firmware of the SSD. Then monitor the system in case there are any further issues.