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Intel SSD 530 is not recognized by the BIOS.

I have installed an Intel SSD 530 in my computer, which has an Asus P4P800SE motherboard, which works fine. However, the SSD 530 is not recognized by the BIOS, so I am not able to change the boot order, to be able to boot from the SSD 530.I read the Data Migration Software documentation before doing any thing else, and nowhere is it mentioned that the hard drive I am cloning MUST BE IN NTFS FORMAT! My OS drive file system is FAT32, which I'm told by tech support in California that cloning a FAT32 drive will not work. The case number is 8000877571, if any Intel tech's respond to this posting. I'm at a loss as to how to fix this situation. Any help from this forum is greatly appreciated! Thank You.

Since I had already migrated my FAT32 drive to the SSD, I read a couple of articles about converting a FAT32 format to the NTFS format. I opened the command prompt window and used the convert command. After several minutes, the command completed successfully. When I go to Disk Management in the Device Manager and check the SSD (Drive "K"), it is listed as an NTFS format. All this, and it did not make any difference, I still cannot boot from the SSD. Another odd thing is that when I bring up the SSD Toolbox, the SSD is not listed in the SSD section, but is listed in the other drive section as a Western Digital hard drive with the same capacity as the SSD. I tried to run the Acronis Align Tool, and as soon as it starts I get a message indicating that my drivers are not current. Again, any help will be appreciated! Thank you.

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David, I am sorry for the issue.

In this case is highly recommended to update motherboard BIOS, Intel® SSD firmware and SATA controller driver; we have to remember these products were released several years apart and compatibility issues may be present. You may also try using the Microsoft* inbox driver instead of Intel's version.

The Intel® Data Migration Software is provided as free basic software and therefore it may have its limitations. There are other free options you may try: