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Intel SSD 535 series cannot detect when Windows 10 operating system reboot (SSD FW already upgrade to RG21)


This problem is random occur, when system reboot will show "a disk read error occurred ,Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Or system stop working at Windows logo ,as below picture

And I found this website have information for Intel 530/535 SSD have same issue ,need to upgrade SSD Firmware to the 2.0.14 Intel Fixes DevSleep Issue for Its 530 and 535 Solid-State Drive Series

But my SSD Firmware already upgrade to latest version ,via Firmware update tool box (V3.3.3),currently SSD Firmware is RG21 ,

But problem is still random occur Download Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox Download Intel® Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool

Should I downgrade SSD Firmware to the 2.0.14 ?

Any ideas or advice what to do?

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Hello Reslin,

If you have confirmed that your Computer is not compatible with DevSlp and you need to disable it in your Intel® SSD, please Contact Support and engage a support agent in your region. They will be able to provide further instructions about this.

Please make sure you have checked the following as well:

- Update the BIOS in your PC.


- Try using a different SATA cable and connect the boot SSD to the main port of the motherboard.