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Intel SSD 730


I constantly get an error message in Win 10 about disk space running out. The drive is partitioned into two and the partition that causes the error only contains Windows. Is there an easy way to reallocate some space to that partition to fix this? The registry edit instructions for Win 10 look intimidating, so I'm hopeful someone can share their knowledge if it's easier to just add space to the partition. Thanks!

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Hello FBO2012,

Here are some pointers regarding low space and how to prevent it.

- There are some tasks that may help you regain space on you drive, such as Disk Cleanup, Uninstalling unused programs or manually deleting unneeded documents or other files consuming space (downloads, duplicate files, etc).

- Windows* has some built in partition management tools that may help. We would advise you to check Microsoft's documentation about it, or look online for further details. They may not be as complicated as registry editing, however, you have to be very careful when you use them.


The actions required will be different if you still have unallocated space, or if all the drive's space is already used.

Disk Management: It can be accessed in Windows 10 using different ways:

Right click This PC - Manage - Disk Management.


Click Start Menu and then type Disk Management to search.


Click Start Menu and type cmd to open command line and then input compmgmt.msc and then click Enter. Disk Management Managing hard disks: recommended links


Diskpart command line tool: This is CLI tool that you can run from the Command Prompt. It has more options, but the actions are done via command line, so it may be more complicated: DiskPart Command-Line Options

- You may be able to find more information by doing an online search about this topic as well, there are some 3rd party tools that allow you to repartition you hard drive as well.