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Intel SSD Toolbox 3.0 is Excellent

Just installed SSD Toolbox 3.0, and tried out a few of its functions. I've used the SSD Toolbox since its initial release. IMO, this version is the best one yet.

I have a X-25M G2 80GB SSD on one PC as the OS drive, but was still using the older firmware, just to compare is with an identical SSD with the latest firmware. I decided to update to the new firmware via the new option in Toolbox 3.0. The update finished very quickly, no problems, after the usual reboot (and another thrown in by Windows for some reason) everything was fine, not the slightest glitch. That is convenient to put it mildly. The new look and functioning of Toolbox 3.0 is great, very nice work!

If you check the firmware update process that some other SSD manufactures require their users to perform, the difference is unbelievable. They must create special boot disks to perform the update, which Intel has done in the past, but the process does not end there. They must first secure erase the drive, which of course then requires a complete restore of it's contents afterwards, so they must have a backup image of the SSD. Then at least one sequence of removing power from the SSD, and a reboot, and then restoring power to the SSD. Next you better clear your BIOS/CMOS and set to defaults. Next only certain SATA drivers are safe to use during the firmware update, so they must get that right. I won't continue with the process, but I could.

Meanwhile, I updated my SSDs firmware in Windows with a few mouse clicks and a reboot, the end. The OS and files on that SSD were untouched, no difference between before update and after. What could be easier and more user friendly.... no post-update reboot? I'll happily live with that, that is standard procedure for many updates, and I'm really just joking.

Great work people, just fantastic! I cannot imagine what it is like for users of those other SSDs, I feel sorry for them and wish them luck.

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