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Intel SSD Toolbox - SSD Optimizer is greyed out for my Intel SSD 750?

I have an Intel SSD 750 pcie

However, when I use the Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox, not all features appear to be here -- mainly the Intel SSD Optimizer. It's greyed out.

Toolkit version 3.3.2

Just updated the firmware using issdfut_2.1.0.iso

Driver updated to Intel Windows NVMe driver x32-x64

Asus x99 deluxe mother board and is set to AHCI and is in the first port

Is was ok with toolkit 3.3.1 but after update its greyed out.

Any ideas?

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Hello Artistic,

We would like to have some additional information about this so we can check for possible reasons why the Optimizer function is not available in your system.

- Use Intel® SSD toolbox and click the "Export" function to retrieve the log for your Intel® SSD 750. Then post the file here for review.

- Run Command Prompt as Administrator, and run the following command to know if TRIM is enabled in the OS:

%root%:\>fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify.

DisableDeleteNotify = 1 (Windows TRIM commands are disabled)


DisableDeleteNotify = 0 (Windows TRIM commands are enabled)

- If possible provide a Capture (snip) of the toolbox showing the problem.