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Intel SSD Toolbox work with Thinkpad T510?

I installed a 320 series 300gb SSD in a laptop – it's working fine, but Intel SSD Toolbox doesn't see it (it's the only drive on the system.) I have the same Intel SSD in a desktop, and the Toolbox does see that one. Both are Win 7-64 systems, and Windows is using the same driver in both instances. The laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad T510. Is there anything about the Thinkpad that might not agree with the Toolbox app?

On a thread somewhere, I read a suggestion to turn off ACHI in bios, but when I did that, Windows wouldn't boot. Is there anything else I can do? Or some other way to use the Trim function on my new SSD?

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Problem remains unsolved, though I had a nice online chat with a patient and helpful Intel tech. I've updated the drivers for the ssd drive as well as the bios on my laptop. It turns out that Intel's Rapid Storage Technology applet sees the drive fine. So does SSDLife Free, which assures me that my drive is in excellent health, should last until 2020, and has Trim enabled. But even though it's clear that the drive is there and is willing to explain itself, Intel SSD Toolbox still can't see anything on my system. The Intel tech and I agreed that this is very odd. For the moment, I'll just live without Toolbox.