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Intel SSD in windows 2003 servers

Hi. Im new here and i hope i can find the answer to my question.

Currently we have in our corporation, 2 terminal servers that serve a total of 100 concurrent users.

This servers dont store any important data at all, it's just windows 2003 terminal server, office and little else.

All data is stored in a NAS elsewhere.

Since this servers have some load on the local disks (currently 4 SATA disks in raid5) due to the constant load/unload of word/excel/outlook etc, we are considering in replacing this disks for intel SSD disks, but i am concerned with the problem of SSDs getting slowers over time.

Seems TRIM fixed that, but i cannot find anywhere, if it is possible to enable TRIM in windows 2003 R2 32bit server at all, thus my question.

Is trim possible in 2003? if not, is it wize to move to SSD anyway?

thank you for your time.

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Community Manager

Windows 2003 R2 does not support TRIM, but Windows 2008 R2 does.

In a server you really should use X25-E, the X25-M will burn out pretty quickly from the constant write cycles in a server. Unfortuneately the X25-E is considerably more expensive than the X25-M, but it's faster than the X25-M and will last for ten times the number of write cycles.A plus is that it doesn't suffer as much from speed degradation over time either.

The X25-E doesn't support TRIM.