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Intel X-25M 160G2C1


I am new to this forum and recently purchased a desktop with an Intel SSD installed. I then installed another SSD 160G2 which I used in a MAC and when I turned on the desktop it gave me a warning of "impending drive failure". I tried using the intel toolbox and it found the drive but could not erase/initialize it and when i rebooted the drive was no longer recognized. I tried connecting it with an USB cable i had from another Intel 320 SSD which i recently installed in my laptop (I like Intel SSDs)but the USB connection did not recognize the drive either.. I bought this drive as OEM drive back in November 2009 and have the receipt - should I RMA it? thank you in advance.

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If you can see it in BIOS or OS you likely can recover it. However if not you can't really get at it to restore it.

Have you tried Diskpart from an administrator command line? Of course if it doesn't appear in BIOS or the OS it won't appear there either.