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Intel X25-M G2 HP in RAID 0 hang freeze

I recently bought a HP Z800 computer with 2 Intel X25-M G2 SSD in RAID 0. I have had major problems with computer hangs and lockups. This happen radom, so I can't find any pattern in it.

Using Windows 7 x64 English

Full patched and all recommened driver hardware installed.

BIOS, SSD have the latest firmware.

I have run several tests, RAM and CPU test,all check out OK. I have run HP full Diagnostic and it all passes. I have formated and reinstalled and still the same problem persist.

I run Ansys v13.0 SP2,Autodesk Inventor 2012 and Office 2010. Thoose are the only programs installed on the computer.

I have not tried to install this on only one SSD disk yet, reason is that I want to run this in RAID 0 for "max" speed, so that is really not an option.

I run exactly the same program home, and almost the same setup, only difference I run OCZ Vertex disks, and that work flawless.

I really hope someone can help me out with this, since I need the computer on a project I'm working on, and my regular computer is way to slow for the calculations I do atm, and since we gona deliver the project soon, this is kind of urgent.

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