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Intel X25-M Problem

I have this drive, and it works very well almost all the time. However, I have a reoccuring problem.

Mind you, I never have the HDD turn off, but when I bring the PC back from screensaver (and the monitor is off, but not in standby mode), it does not respond. I am running the drive in IDE mode, as I have read that recommended over AHCI mode to correct this error, but the past 10 times or so I have had this pause (sometimes less than a minute, usually under 5, sometimes I have to hit the reset button) that I have no idea how to get rid of, and I have updated the firmware. I am running Windows 7 RC1. I wish I knew how to not have the stalling / pause because this is a great drive.

Does anyone here have this problem or know how to correct it? It isn't quite the same problem as found in the 680i chipset thread because mine only happens on resumes. I have the GeForce9400 chipset though. Hope to hear from the community soon. Thanks!

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For additional troubleshooting, disable all your power-saving features altogether. Then start adding one at a time over the course of a week or so. Enable monitor power-saving first -- see if the video card wakes it up properly. After you test that a few times, enable disk-drive power-saving. Test it. Then, test system standby or sleep or hibernation, whichever is appropriate. This will help you narrow down the issue to a specific piece hardware.