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Intel X25-V is really low power consumption?

I just bought X25-V intel SSD which is famous for low power consumption

Because it says that power consumption is 75mW in idle state and 150mW in active state

But when I measure the power consumption of the X25-V, it is almost 1W in idle state and over 2W in active state.

Did I measure wrong way? or Do I have to set up something to reduce power consumption?

My measure enviroment is Window 7 and Xp in AHCI and IDE mode.

Main board chipset is ICH9R intel and I did patch up the newst driver to use AHCI mode

Please someone let me know how to use my ssd in low power consumption. or let me know someone to figure out how to do it

Thank you~

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Community Manager

How are you measuring this? 2 watts is very likely to be well within the margin of error for your power usage measuring device, with no way for it to accurately tell the difference between, for example, 50.5 watts and 51.4 watts.