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Is there an Intel Series 320 512Gb?

8There is another topic regarding an Intel 320 513gb drive:

Having issues pulling up docs and specs on the Series 320 on intel site- docs not found,

The topic is two years old- hoped maybe something has happened since the original topic posted

because the ISN shows a valid warranty until July 2016.

I purchased the drive on eBay April 10th, got it yesterday after the seller sent me the wrong drive first.


The Model number is: ssdsa2cw512g3

The serial number is: CVPR12950FD512NGN


I became suspicious when I noticed there was no intel logo/decal or silk screen marking on the top of the brushed aluminum case.

The bottom of the drive has a label, with a few asian characters written in pen, along with the FW version, but otherwise no marking.

The drive was advertised as used, but the SMART power-on hours count showed 0 by now it's up to 8,

I understand the power-on hours count is supposed to be cumulative over the life of the drive- barring reset with specialized utility.

The power-on hours don't reconcile well with 346 power cycle counts, and 36 unsafe shutdown counts

and the timed-work-load timer showed 155254819 on initial power-up.

Before the 512Gb arrived, the seller sent me the wrong drive, I didn't read the label before popped the tape and found a new sealed in zero stat bag.

A series 1500 240G- I didn't open the zero stat bag. The first series 1500 came in a small brown box with a white label.

Wondering the next step if the drive is counterfeit, do I return to seller or report to ebay?

If I return to seller it may hit the street again.

Should I hang on the the 1500 so it can be inspected to see if it's legit?


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Thanks for the link, Doc. I'd seen the list but was hopeful there was a special OEM run or something I could find in the series 320 product sheets. Particularly confusing is ISN pulls up an viable expiration date- but anyone who has the tools to reset the SMART power-on hours could manipulate the Serial number as easily. It's just a matter of setting a value in a memory address on the drive. Guess I better let eBay know what's going on. Entirely possible the seller was duped by a supplier but I don't think this should go back to the seller if there's the slightest possibility of the drive winding up in someone elses machine.

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Hello Sean,

The drive may actually be legitimate, even though there is no retail version of the Intel SSD 320 Series 512GB, some were manufactured for OEM's.

When buying Intel SSD's, or other Intel products we recommend to buy from a trusted vendor, and also take into consideration that the SSD limited warranty does not apply to drives bought as "previously used". The warranty is valid for the purchaser of the Product in its original sealed packaging ("Original Purchaser") and to the purchaser of a computer system built by an Original Purchaser containing the Product.

If you need to confirm the warranty status or if you require additional assistance, we advise you Contact Support, as we will be more than glad to help.


Thank you jonathan_intel.

Is this an official confirmation that model number: SSDA2CW512G3 is legitimate?

I haven't been able to find any docs, including compliance docs, for that model number on Intel.

I do have a ticket in with support to verify the authenticity of the drive model, and warranty questions: XXXXXXXXXX (number removed by Moderator)

The forum thread above and inability to locate any mention of the SSDA2CW512G3 on Intel main site was the source of my initial

suspicion the drive was not genuine- and the SMART data isn't right with many values having been zeroed out.

Is there any instance of a firmware update changing SMART data? Again power-on hours showing 0, 345 power-cycle counts, unsafe-shutdown count showing 36 and Read and Write LBA totals corresponding to the single secure erase, initialize, format and tests I performed.

Regardless, I'm relieved to know there was an OEM Series 320 512Gb drive and will inform the seller.

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Hello SeanLynch,

The model number SSDSA2CW512G3 is a legitimate Intel model. The details of this drive may not be found online since Intel does not publish information about the drives manufactured and sold only to OEM's.

It is difficult to refer to the SMART data shown by the drive, however, we are not aware of any public tools that can reset the SMART data. If you have further inquiries about the SMART values, you might want to check with the place of purchase.


Thank you jonathan_intel, I breath easy now.

And: "we are not aware of any public tools that can reset the SMART data." answered my SMART question.


There may be tools in the wild -but a partial SMART reset is something that shouldn't happen in the course of a normal drives life even when updating


To keep others from potentially questioning whether Intel EVER made a 320 512GB ssd, to prevent finger pointing such as mine, perhaps you could add a comment to this thread explaining there was an OEM drive:

That's the first and only Intel link I hit when I did a model number search on Google or on Intel to see if perhaps a firmware update was causing SMART data resets...From that topic and lack of info on the Intel site, one gets the distinct impression that Intel never made a 320 512Gb drive with this model number, and it mentions eBay specifically as a source of bogus drives.


I gave the seller a pretty hard time about this. Not the original owner/buyer, he picked up a few in a lot buy. And due to the SMART data issue, he gave me a

very nice discount. He remained certain the drive was okay because the ISN checked. I was skeptical that might have been copied from another product.

Thanks again!

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Hello SeanLynch,

We are glad that we were able to resolve your inquiry, I added a comment to the related thread with a brief clarification.

For future reference, users can always check if the ISN is valid in our online Warranty Center. Or, may Contact Support to receive direct assistance from a support representative.