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Issue with Intel 520 SSD and IRST

I am using an Intel 520 SSD in a Windows 8 laptop (Dv6t-7200 Quad Edition) notebook. I installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology ( to make sure the Write-Back Cache was enabled. After looking around I am seeing some strange stuff in IRST.

For example, under "Manage" > "Advanced" > "System disk" is showing as "No", however this is the only hard drive in the computer. Also under the "Performance" tab the only setting that is displayed to configure is "Link Power Management". I was expecting a setting for write-back cache in one of these 2 locations.

This version of laptop can come configured with an mSATA SSD cache drive however my computer came with a 750GB hybrid drive that I replaced with the Intel SSD, it never had a ssd cache installed. This computer also comes with UEFI Bios that doesn't let me change to many things.

Anyway, if you look in the device manager, the SSD drive is saying that it is using a Microsoft driver from 2006 (6.2.9200.16384) which to me makes it seem like the IRST didn't install correctly.

I ran AS SSD Bench 1.7.4739.38088 and got some pretty reasonable results.

Seq: 495.22 275.16

4K: 17.53 46.05

4K-64Thrd: 234.41 209.45

Response: 0.204 0.274

Is there some other Intel utility I should be installing to get the Intel disk driver instead of MS? I am going to uninstall and re-install IRST and see what happens there.

Anyway any insights would be appreciated.

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