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It doesnt make any sense...... (intel 750)

i mean why a company would follow this path, of making products that we have to suffer that much installing it and eventually getting them work.

Hey you, big guy from the marketing / RD / or whatever your role is.... write this down.... my failure of getting this work is not my failure but rather yours.

drivers and utilities and going back and forth .... its like a vortex sucking me in ... and i feel like i am hypnotized by a greater force of technology.

PLUG AND PLAY it the damm thing.

I want to use it not fix it!

You should check the canon and apple as an example in case you have not notice how they do produce and finalize their products and how user friendly they are.

NO NEED TO REPLY. I shell the damm thing and buy a mac (its plug and play, no manual in the box)

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Community Manager

Hello typografika,

Thank you for your feedback. I will make sure it gets passed up through the correct channels.

We do regret to hear that our Intel® SSD 750 Series was not the best fit for you. As you may now be aware, NVMe* is still an emerging technology. Although this interface does have some great benefits, unlike SATA, it has not (quite yet) reached the compatibility threshold where customers will be able to use them as simple plug-and-play devices (Although Windows® 8.1 and 10 do already include native support for NVMe*, the drive will not perform as well as it will once our drivers are installed).

For future customers reading this thread, you may refer to the following article:

- Before You Buy an Intel® SSD 750 Series.

This guide can be boiled down into the following points:

1. Choose the best form factor for you, Add-in Card or 2.5".

2. Make sure your motherboard supports NVMe* (check with your computer manufacturer or read our " Tested Compatible Motherboards" article).

3. Make sure your BIOS is up to date, and the correct settings are in place.

4. Follow our boot guide, or install latest NVMe* drivers.

Or for a simpler solution, you may like to choose one of our SATA 3.0 Solid State Drives instead:

- Intel® Solid State Drives for Personal Use.

Again, thank you for your post and your feedback. I'm sure this will be helpful to many people.

Best regards,

Carlos A.