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Kompatibilitätsliste für Intel SSD 750 Series

Guten Abend

Ich Interessiere mich für eine Intel SSD 750.

Wird solch eine SSD auf meinem Mainboard laufen?

Gibt es vielleicht eine Kompatibilitätsliste für Intel SSD 750 im Bezug auf Mainboards?

Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback

Freundlicher Gruss


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Hello romata96,

Please keep in mind that this forum is supported in english, so we would appreciate if you write future posts using this language.


Using and online translator we understand you are interested in the Intel® SSD 750 Series, and you would like to know if it will work with your Asus* P9X79 PRO Motherboard. Here are the main aspects we can provide about this:

The Intel® SSD 750 Series is a PCIe* Gen 3.0 x4 drive with NVMe* technology, it requires a compatible motherboard to operate properly. A system based on the Intel® Z97 Chipset, Intel® X99 Chipset, or newer chipset is recommended.

In your case, the motherboard uses Intel® X79 chipset and it does not support booting from the SSD 750. However, if you plan to use is a data/secondary drive it may work as long as the system meets the requirements.

We strongly suggest you to contact Asus support to confirm if the system complies with the Hardware requirements for using the Intel SSD 750 Series as a secondary drive or data drive:

•uEFI 2.3.1 system BIOS


•PCIe 3.0 (for performance) or PCIe 2.0 (half the performance of PCIe 3.0)


•NVMe operating system driver

You can find more information about this topic in the following links: Physical Installation Instructions for PCIe* NVMe* Solid State Drives... Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Solid State Drives