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Looking to implement a data capture interface, 2.5 GB/sec sustained sequential write to P3608 drive over PCIE. NVMe interface. Questions on what type of stalls I could see on link that would drive need for data buffering and other implementation issues.

I am looking to implement a high speed data capture interface to a P3608 drive over PCIE. The data transfer will be 2.5GB/sec sustained sequential writes. I think that NVMe is appropriate to the design and intend to run the PCIE as a bus master. I am looking for technical information and/or experts/consultants with experience on this type of problem. Are there hardware/software configuration issues I need to be concerned about that may not be obvious? What length of time can I experience where data flow stops which require me to create sufficient data buffering? At this point operating system and hardware are undefined and so options are open to simplify the architecture. Thanks for feedback.

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