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M.2 SSD Intel 660P 1Tb - Carte mère serveur Intel S2600CW2


Lorsque j'installe le SSD Intel 660P sur la carte mère Intel S2600CW2 dans le connecteur M.2. Le bios ne le reconnait pas, il est totalement invisible que se soit en Ahci ou raid, ..

Bien sûr pas visible non plus sous Windows serveur 2016..

Est-ce qu'il y a un problème de compatibilité ou une activation à faire quelque part ?

D'avance je vous remercie de votre aide :-)

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Community Manager

Hi Donald_2012,



Thank you for posting in the Intel® communities.



I understand that you are not able to use the Intel® SSD 660P Series in your Server board, however I want to mention that this drive has been designed for consumer usage rather than data center/server environments. Therefore, the drive has not been validated to work on any server board nor in Windows* Server 2016.



Actually, you can check in the following site which motherboards have been validated to work with this drive (although this doesn't mean it won't work in other motherboards too), and as you can see all of them are for consumer usage:



You can check the following installation guide for the Intel® SSD 6 Series, however the configuration you currently have is not supported by the drive and it's not validated either:



I hope this information is helpful for you.



Have a nice day.





Diego V.