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Manually running SSD Toolbox when using TRIM

Community Manager

Appreciate your comments:

1) Since TRIM only works on op system designated file deletes, file deletes due to editing a file are not processed by TRIM, therefore it is desirable to run the SSD Toolbox manually periodically.

2) Since TRIM does not perform "garbage collection" in the unpartitioned space used by the controller, it is desirable to run the SSD Toolbox manually periodically.

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Community Manager

I suppose that at this point in time, with the limited information we all (Intel included) have about the effects of a new technique like Trim, running the Toolbox manually can do no harm whatsoever. I somewhere read a statement from some Intel guy stating that running Trim via the Toolbox causes no harm to the drive and running it, let's say 20 times in 24 hours is not a problem, because the drive will actually only be trimmed when there is a real need to trim the drive.

That's why I run it on a daily basis via the Toolbox while Win 7 with AHCI enabled runs Trim constantly.