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Multiple Failure DC S3500 in ZFS RAID

I have 4 Intel DC S3500 300GB SSD's running on a Dell Poweredge 2950 with a Perc 6. Hardware RAID is disabled. They are configured in a RAIDZ. I was documenting drive replacement procedures. I removed one of the drives, did a low level format, plugged the drive back in to the hot-swap bay and dropped to NMC. I then issues the setup volume command, selected the pool, and selected replace-lun. It then exited. I did a zpool status and saw it was resilvering. Then after about 30 seconds another zpool status showed that there were insufficient replicas on the original disk called c0t4d0/old and next to the new disk c0t4d0 it said too many errors. I then went into show lun and while the other three intels all displayed the correct model numbers, the drive I had replaced said Unknown in the description. I removed the drive, plugged it into another PC, ran intel SSD toolbox, and it only sees 8 MB. So something in the process bricked the drive.

This would all be fine and good, chalk it up to a bad drive....but they sent me a warranty replacement, and the exact same thing happened, again. Now, I might be dumb, but in an effort not to be stupid, I would like to not repeat this. Either the hot-swapping is bricking the drives, or the partitioning? Any one have any similar experiences?

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Hello Pathfndr, I am sorry for this inconvenience. We will take a look into it immediately.