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Need SSD driver for reinstalling Windows 7 on a system with a Pro 150 series SSD

Reinstalling Windows 7 on a system with a Pro 150 series solid state drive. The bios recognizes the drive but windows does not. Does anybody have a link to a driver so I can reinstall Windows 7?

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Hello LesHamlett,

The Intel® SSD Pro 1500 Series by itself does not require drivers to be recognized by Windows. SATA SSD's like the Intel® SSD Pro 1500 are raw storage devices that communicate directly with the storage controller in you computer. In our best effort to help you, please consider the following recommendations:

- The SSD does not require drivers, however, the storage controller might need them. Please contact the Computer Manufacturer Support and obtain their storage controller or chipset drivers for your PC.

- Check the configuration of your storage controller in the PC BIOS, and confirm that it is set to AHCI (SATA) mode.

- If the drive was already used, make sure to remove any previous encryption (bitlocker, SATA password, or any other method). If the drive was previously encrypted, this will need to be disabled first.

Here is the link to downloads for the Intel® SSD Pro 1500: Downloads for Intel® SSD Pro 1500 Series