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Need help for step-by-step WinXP Intall on Intel 520 180GB SSD


I am quite new to the world of SSD, just purchased a Intel 520 180GB SSD. I plan to install WinXP Pro on this SSD.

I am not sure what software will come with the SSD box. Perhaps I might need to download something.

Could anybody give me step-by-step WinXP installation instruction on SSD? It will be great if the optimization steps are included.

My rig:

WinXP Pro SP3

Intel Yorkfield 9450

Asus P5Q (P45 and ICH10R)

4GB 1066 DDR2


Nvidia GTS8800

Thanks in advance!


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Community Manager

With XP doing a format the partite aligning is not correct for ssd , there are several ways to get good partition aligning .

Make the partition with Gparted , this utility can also correct bad aligning follow the steps in the helpsection

It is possible to connect the ssd to a pc with W7 or W8 beta and create the partition in windows, that is the easy way .

The ASSD benchmark utility checks aligning without doing a benchmark

Very useful is a streamlined xp with Intel sata/raid drivers

In the bios the setting for ssd is best set on ACHI/RAID ,not the IDE setting .I recommend the raid setting even for a single ssd .

Now install xp on the ssd , use the good aligned partition made earlier . When ready, install the Intel Toolbox

The toolbox for tweaks and the use of optimizer , XP has no trim . Good aligning is the most important thing

Several tweaks can be found with the ssd tweaker utilitie