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[Need some Help] X-25M G2 BSOD with AHCI Enabled


Firstly thanks for dropping by and i apologize in advance if this has been discussed before somewhere.

Here's the problem, my Intel X-25G2 80gb was working flawlessly for the past 1 and the half month with AHCI


Until last week it began to BSOD immediately on Win7 x64 boot screen i had no choice but to switch to IDE mode in order to

load windows. I set it to AHCI again and tried to reformat and reinstall win7 all over again but each time it freezes on "Completing Installation"

I contacted intel support and submitted my CSV log files to them and they said there was no problem with the logs

I am running out of ideas, can someone pls help me?

The drive is on the latest firmware.

IDE mode really drags this drive to a crawl, 4k read/write speeds has drop to something like 4.1 mbps on crystalmark

system specs:

Intel i7-920

EVGA Classifed on BIOS 44

Corsair HX 1000w PSU

Team Xtreem 6gb 1866mhz

GTX 295 video card

Intel X-25 G2 80gb

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Community Manager

Just taking a shot in the dark here, what kind of driver are you using for AHCI? Are there any warning flags in Device Manager? Did you change anything recently? Have you checked your SSD for any SMART issues?