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New drive appears to have been used

I've purchased an OEM 160gb G2 drive and when it arrived, I've ran Intel SSD Toolbox to check if it's DOA and ready to go. Well, the drive responded OK to diagnostics but the smart data indicates that over 140gb data has already been written to it and it's not even partitioned. So my question is: was the drive used by someone and then sold to me as new (it arrived in a plain brown box sealed with clear adhesive tape), i.e. have I been sold essentially a refurb drive or is it normal for new drives to have been used so extensively? I'm only asking because the same SSD Toolbox reports that my other 2-month old 160gb G2 drive have had 380gb written to it, and even though I can't say what it was when I bought it new (since there was no toolbox at the time), 140gb use level on a new drive is a bit high to my taste.

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That sounds like the one I sent back to Intel.

No, actually all the drives are used, Intel doesn't make new drives, they just refurbish them.

Seriously, all the drives have what appears to be a ridiculous amount written to them, so don't worry...your drive is new.