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New solid state drive blank in bios

I recently purchased the Intel X25-E. I wanted to install windows 7 on it but for some reason the bios does not recognize the drive. In Bios it reads IDE not detected, Sata 2 not detected, Sata 3 not detected, but Sata I is simply blank, just two brackets with nothing in the middle. When I click on the Sata 2, 3, or any of the IDE's that arent connected to anything, they simply say "not detected". Conversely, when I click on the blank Sata I with the X25-E hooked to it, it says "hard drive", "size 0" and the "vendor" is blank. I then installed windows on this other non solid state hard drive, and the X25-E is still not detected in bios or in windows. My BIOS has very limited functionality, though it appears to be up to date. I am not the most computer savy, but typically with good direction I can figure stuff out. PLEASE HELP

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