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No restarts with Intel 160GB SSD G2C1


Just bought this drive yesterday and installed it into my Alienware M17X-R2 laptop. Fresh install of Windows 7 Pro 64Bit.

First few cold reboots required it worked fine. But after a little while, when trying to restart, the laptop gets stuck. What I mean is I see the external monitor lost signal and go to sleep mode. The 2nd drive sounds like it spins down, but then I remain at a black screen. It seems it shuts down to restart, but never actually restarts and stays on. I have to power down by holdng the power button for 4 seconds, then restart. It boots normally with no complaint of improper shutdown.

The first time it happend when installing the audio driver. Thinking thats what caused it, I reinstalled, but then it happened again with nothing but windows and the intel chipset driver. A few reboots, then nothing else.

I do have AHCI enabled. When running it works great. It's just the cold reboots causing the problem.

Any suggestions?

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Community Manager

Never mind. Traced it to an ATI driver I was using. I had to go back to alienware's official driver which is several versions old.

Strange that with a regular seagate hdd, it wasnt a problem.