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No sleep mode after updating to win 8.1 to win.10

Please tell me, have a monoblock Lenovo C540, CPU Type QuadCore Intel Core i5-3330S, 2800 MHz.

After the upgrade, with win.8.1 to win.10, stopped working hibernate. Software tried all the options, the whole Internet. rummaged who advised that, too satisfied, the effect is zero.

Help Desk debited from Lenovo, from there replied that {Intel does not support the old platforms, due to the inability to work with WDDM 2.0 in Windows 10 in hardware} also advised to install the software and drivers from the WIN 8 /8.1. There is a possibility that these drivers will be installed / run in compatibility mode.

Q. Who can indicate where there is the wood, here on the site could not find. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello Vitali78,

This thread is currently in the Solid-State Drives forums, however, it does not appear to be related to an Intel® SSD.

Please let us know the specific Intel product that you require assistance for (Graphics, CPU, etc), or, you might contact the Computer Manufacturer Support for further recommendations.