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Odd, bizzare thing happening with TOOLBOX Ver 2.01

Let's start with order.

I just updated my SSD firmware at 1.7 (this thing was happening even before i just though this firmware would have fixed it but it didnt)

my motherboard is ASUS P5Q DELUXE LGA775 (bios ver.2301)

I own TWO X25m-G2 80gb (silver case 35mn) one on port-0 the other one on port-1 using the controller AHCI and RTS version

(but this was happening with previous version as well)

I run Window 7 - 64bit (SP1)

When i run the tool on the SSD that i use as C: the OS one (the one on port-0) the tool fill up the disk and erase the temp files and i see the background of the TOOL that became GREEN and say "complete"

When i run the tool on the SSD that i use as D: (the one on port-1) the tool fill up the disk but it stops there it doesnt delete the temporary files and it doesnt complete the process it reach in an istance 10 or 15% and then stop there leaving my SSD completly full with the temporary files and the tool itself doesnt get GREEN background it just stop doesnt say complete

and if i try again it say my disk it's full he cant complete, if i try to delete the temporary file manually it say i cant because they are in use so i need to close the SSD-TOOLBOX and then erase them manually

it's not a big deal as I run Trim automatic i just wonder why it does that

Everything started several mounth ago when i stoped the process pressing cancel while he was doing it on that SSD and now he does exactly as if i press cancel in the middle of the operation as i did that time several mounth ago but only on the SSD where i actually did stop the process

I am sure i did something i just wonder if I can fix it

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Pekish, Something happened when you cancelled the process that seems to keep the optimizer from completing on you D: SSD. I would run the diagnostic test that is available in the Toolbox and if that is fine, I would run the Secure Erase to reset the SSD to a fresh state. Be sure to copy any files you need from the D: drive to another drive, etc, before you do the erase, otherwise they will be lost. The secure erase is the best way to completely clear and reset an SSD.

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Community Manager

Thanks for the answer i am sure something happened when i stopped the process long time ago.

I am lucky the one that is not working is the DATA one and not the OS one so i can actually easily erase it without having to do much trouble. I guess you are right it's the best way since i already used the repair tool both the quick one and deep one and it didnt find any problem

Plus if i bench it the disk speed is perfectly in line to what i expect (similar to the other one)

I guess i will have to secure erese it before or later but since TRIM seesm to work just fine (I never notice any speed decay in mounths) i was just ignoring it.


Thanks again for the answer

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