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Partition Error : 80Go -> 100Mo ?!?

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I have 2 hard drives on my machine: a 80GB SSD (Intel X-25M Postville -> my problem) and a classic 1TB HDD. I installed Windows 7 64 bit on the SSD. But after installing Windows, I had no partition defined on the second disk (1TB). And I did not find in Windows 7 tools to manage it. As I had not seen how to define the partitions easily from the installation CD (I just found it now, but too late), so I used Partition Magic on a Live CD that displayed 3 error messages displayed on the partition table. I missed out my blow by correcting the error. And since, not only Windows 7 is not working well, but mostly I do not have access to 100MB on the SSD, even removing all disk partitions available on the DSS.

Do you know how to fix the SSD in order to re-create a partition of 80GB (74 in reality, actually).

Thank you in advance for the help you can give me, and I apologize again for my stupidity handling.



PS : It's a Google Translation of a french text. Sorry for mistakes.

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The "Secure Erase" command will return an Intel SSD to its factory state. You can do this with any hard drive diagnostic tool.

Hope that helps.