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Partition Size after Imaging

I have the Intel 160 gig SSD and its more or less brand new just a few weeks off the retail shelf and I image copied a laptop hard drive.

But doing an image copy of the hard drive made the exact copy of the hard drive that spins (source) to my 160 gig SSD hard drive.

Ok so no issues there as it works perfectly but only shows as 32 gig.

Ok with the above known then all I should be able to do is then use a partition program to either expand or create a new partition to

use up the remaining unused space(about 130 gig left)

Well that is not what happen. All programs that Intell offer me and even third party programs such as Acronis or Partition Majic

All show my 160 gig hard drive as a true 32 gig hard drive and I am so livid right now.

I used the Aleratec hard drive duplicator.

So I put in anotehr 160 gig as the source and the original 160 gig that shows as 32 as destination and even that refuses to put my 160 gig

hard drive back to normal....

So now I feel I wasted $450 on my Intel 160gig SSD hard drive.

Even HDDerase sees my ssd as 32gig not 160........ im lost guys

I even flashed it to latest revision no luck.

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