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Please help me locate Chipset Driver.

Hi there,

I have recently installed Win XP Pro on my HP XW8400 workstation. However, Win XP does not recognise the internal SATA storage drive.

I understand that I need to load the intel chipset driver when installing the software in order for the SATA storage drive to be recognised by the operating system.

I have identified my chipset: Intel Xeon 5150 @ 2.66 GHz.

However, I cannot find the chipset driver on the Intel driver download page.

Please could someone tell me where I can locate this driver?

Many thanks for any help.

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@ Exup01:

Welcome at Intel Support Community!

You will find the actual Intel chipset device software (= "INF Update Utility") within this site:

These are the Intel chipset "drivers", which doesn't contain any real drivers (= .sys files), but just information (.INF) files.

By the way:

1. The Intel chipset "drivers" are not able to recognize any storage device (hdd/SSD). If Windows Setup will not detect your SATA connected hdd, it is probably running in AHCI or RAID mode. In this case you need to load or integrate the special Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver, which is supporting all actual Intel SATA AHCI and RAID Controllers.

You can get the latest RST driver here:

2. Your Intel(R) Xeon 5150 is a processor (cpu) and not a chipset name or specification.



Community Manager

Thank you so much for your advice Fernando!

I did not realise that I needed to load the RST driver for the OS to detect the internal SATA HDD, thank you. And thanks for the link too!

Thanks also for pointing out my confusion betweent the CPU and the chipset! I think that I have correctly identified my chipset now - it is an Intel 5000 X.

Many thanks, Tom.